Sprach­förderung für Ihr Kind


Language support for your child

Dear parents,

one essential requirement for success at school as well as in profession, is to be able to speak German. We help children from immigrant families learn the German language. What is unique about our methods, is that the children are taught in a playful way.

Our language scouts are mostly high school pupils, college students, vocational apprentices or graduates taking a voluntary social year. All the scouts are well-trained by experienced educators and are equipped with age-appropriate learning materials which help to make learning German fun and simple. 

Children between the ages of 4 to 10 years old are taught once or twice a week for an hour at home. Pupils active as language scouts are paid 10€ per hour and the language scouts who are college students, vocational apprentices or otherwise qualified are paid 12€ per hour. Your advantage as parents: you only pay 4€ and the supportive Rotary Club sponsoring the program covers the rest of the costs. 

The language training can be discontinued at any time and should you have any further questions, a committed adviser will always be available at your disposal.

Would you like your child to be a part of our training program?

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